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Accelerate sales. Unlock new buyers. Start construction sooner.

Coposit is a revolutionary app set to challenge and disrupt the outdated traditional deposit method – reinventing and modernising home buying for future generations.

The simple process is not only preferred by property purchasers, real estate agents, and property marketers, but it has also created a whole new and exclusive buyer demographic.

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The proof.
Case Study
Project: George Apartments
Location: Seven Hills, NSW
Developer: Civic Properties
Financier: ANZ partnership logo with Coposit
The Hills Village apartments on the Coposit website

Launched off the plan in 2021, Civic Properties experienced accelerated sales and interest in the George Apartments project during a five-month period. During this time only 22% of purchasers elected the traditional deposit method.

Of the remaining sales, a massive 55% of purchasers chose the Coposit process over a traditional deposit – but the most exciting part is 23% of sales came from a whole new demographic of buyers who could not purchase property without the Coposit app.

Coposit Method
George Apartments project by The Hills Village
Coposit User Thinking
Coposit developer Sergio

Frustrations resolved with Coposit.

This new property buying process is more beneficial for purchasers, property developers and sales agents alike.

Project Exposure
Collaborate with our marketing team to expertly tie in Coposit’s brand and key messaging with existing marketing collateral to accelerate sales.
Increased Sales Rate
Get access to a higher rate of sales and a larger pool of buyers, thanks to Coposit’s enquiry generation capabilities and combined marketing activities.
Instant Paperless Sales Advices
Make paper sales advices a thing of the past! Generate and approve yours online. Once approved, contracts are instantly issued.
Digital Coposit Collection
Coposits are securely collected, tracked, and managed in your Coposit Developer Portal. All client funds are held in a Real Estate Trust Account.
Contract Management
Once the developer confirms a sales advice electronically, contracts are securely and automatically issued to all parties. Contracts are completely paperless and issued instantly.
Inventory Management
This is Coposit’s secret weapon for property developers and sales agents. A complete live inventory management tool that is accurate, saves time and is incredibly simple.
Client Engagement
Speak with your clients on a real time basis. Coposit allows client communication such as project updates or construction milestones which are sent direct to purchaser’s fingertips.
Efficient and Secure
Eliminate delays between sales advices and contracts being issued including deposit confirmations. Plus, coposits are collected securely without revealing bank account details during the process, protecting your clients and your business from fraud.
Coposit developers Yumi
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